What Can graphology tell us about the Personality?

This topic generates a lot of curiosity among the general public. In graphology, the letter “g” is the one that expresses human instincts. However, it not only provides references to sexuality. Through lowercase letter “g” graphology, we discover how we connect with “the other,” emotions, eroticism, and the capacity for giving. It also provides information about behavior towards material and biological aspects.

Letter g in graphology represents the inferior zone of handwriting. It provides information on the field of instincts.

Letter G: What is Libido?

The term libido comes from Latin and means desire, drive. It is the amount of energy used in the development of an activity, work, relationship or hobby.

In psychoanalysis, to Freud, libido means sexual energy.

For Carl Jung, it is the totality of the psychological energy.

Through the analysis of letter G, it is possible to study the ability for surrender of the human being, for eroticism, for emotions and the way to relate to “others”.

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Handwriting Analysis Letter “g”. Parts of Letter G

Letter g in Handwriting
Letter g in Handwriting

Letter G consists of an oval, composed of an initial circular movement and a movement that goes downwards and upwards called lower extension or lower loop.

Along with them, we find a wide variety of combinations that are produced in the affection area and desires.

Letter G in handwriting. The oval, located in the middle zone, represents the Ego of the individual and reveals feelings, emotions, affections and ethical values.

The lower loop, that indicates the strength of libido, descends towards the material area of the inferior zone. It is the thermometer that measures the potency of desire and needs, reflecting vital strength.

The importance of Letter G within writings 

Libido is appreciated in firm and vigorous strokes that are shakeless, the size of letters is medium to large, and lines are ascending or horizontal.
Letter G in handwriting. It is important to clarify that in writings that have a good level and graphical environment, it is possible to find an average percentage of letters G lowercase that are disconnected from the next letter. This, indicates that we are before a reserved, cautious and shy personality when it comes to love exchange and expression of affection. It does not necessarily mean dysfunction.

Instincts are not exclusively analyzed in letter G and it is not possible to judge a person with an isolated stroke. We must always observe the context of writing in general, if we wish to achieve a correct interpretation.

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Graphology: Letter g in Handwriting
Graphology: Letter g in Handwriting

Oval: Letter G in handwriting with examples

  • Letter G without oval: It means sexual life without affection, exaggerated instincts, talks a lot but practices little. (Example 1).
  • Small oval, thick lower loop: Shyness or selfishness that does not allow expressing affection, unconfessed desire of having sexual adventures. (Example 2).
  • Big oval, small lower loop: Great sensuality and affection, lacking sexual life. Possesses few conditions of a lover, but is concerned for having a good contact. Tendency to frigidity, laziness, lacks fantasy and erotic impulse. (Example 3)
  • Big oval, atrophied lower loop: Sexual abstinence that may be due to lack of opportunities. (Example 4).
  • Open oval: Search for a good relationship. Generosity. If the Oval is too open, may get to loquacity and lack of discretion. Inability to keep confidentiality. (Example 5).
  • Closed oval: Reserved intimacy. Does not express confidence. (Example 6)
  • Oval separate from lower loop: Dissociated behavior. Separates affection from instinct. This needs to be confirmed with other traits. (Example 7)

Graphology Letter g. Size of Lower Loops

Long lower loop: Need for pleasure. Depth for desire

Short lower loop: Diminished desire.

Thick lower loop: Broad impulse.

Thin lower loop: Inhibited impulse.

Handwriting Analysis: Letter g in Handwriting
Handwriting Analysis: Letter g in Handwriting
  • Long lower loop, round full: Passion. Great energy. Normal libido.
  • Lower loop connected to the following letter: Disposition for joy. Energy that becomes real. (Example 8).
  • Long viscous lower loop: Materialistic tendency. Luxury. When the lower extension is too long, may have aggressive tendencies or dependency to instinct. (Example 9).
  • Inflated lower loop: Passion, sexual vitality, ardent. Enjoys not only sexual pleasure, but good food, nice objects. If the lower extension is too inflated, may get to luxury, sexual obsession, boastfulness, inclination to pornography (Example 10).
  • Narrow lower loop: Sexual shyness, lacks erotic imagination. Repression. (Example 11).
  • Short lower loop: Stuck libido. Sexual shyness not resolved. Childishness. (Example 12).
  • Short and narrow lower loop: Pushes libido to other areas. Mysticism, modesty, sobriety. In a negative sense: insecurity of his own charm or attraction that may become sexual shyness, weakness or impotency. (Example 13).

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y and g Handwriting Analysis: Shape of Lower Loops

Letter g in Handwriting Analysis
Letter g in Handwriting Analysis

Letter G in handwriting. Curve: It indicates kindness, softness, tenderness, plenitude when obtaining pleasure, spontaneity to contact.

Letter G in handwriting. Angle: Roughness, aggression to contact.

  • Lower extension angled on the base: Reflects roughness on the sexual area. Does not enjoy softness, opposition, resentment in instincts, frigidity for fear to the couple, to sin of unpleasant experiences. (Example 14).
  • Triangular or double angle: Repression of desire and instincts. Denial of sexual thinking, pretended modesty, mixture of desire and rejection, frigidity, sexual dissatisfaction. Sexual disappointment give room for domestic tyranny. Turns into stubborn. Not very sociable. Hurting. (Example 15).
  • Truncated lower loop: Activity that becomes impatience. Sublimates instincts, repression, little virility, libido interrupted by shyness or health problems. (Example 16).
  • Helix lower extension (looks like a truncated 8): Esthetic sense, creativity, good level of intelligence and evolution, creating ability, kindness, and gentleness. If accompanied by garland handwriting: active social life and seduction in contact. (Example 17). Accompanied by curve and filiform writing: Ability and adjustment.
Graphology letter G and Sexuality
Graphology letter G and Sexuality

Connection of Lower Loops

Letter G in handwriting. Connected to the next letter: Ability to connect without difficulties, libido that expands normally. Surrenders without condition, spontaneous contact. (Example 18).

Letter G in handwriting. Disconnected from the next letter: Difficulty in canalization of libido. Difficulty for sexual surrender, emotional independence, difficulty to preserve the couple, stopped impulse, deviates libido to other interests. Altruism. (Example 19).

Lower Loop towards the Left

Letter g in Handwriting & Graphology
Letter g in Handwriting & Graphology

Letter G in handwriting. General interpretation: Subconscious return to the past, complications in psychological development, negotiation, inferiority complex in sexuality.

  • Lower loop towards the left with angle: Sexual energy that may turn into violence, aggression, repulsion to instinct. (Example 20).
  • Lower loop towards the left with small angle: Confined individual that inhibits impulses to repress aggression. Not communicative and stubborn. (Example 21).
  • Lower loop towards the left with open curve and concave base: Maladjustment for sexuality, avoids affection responsibilities, selfishness, covered aggression, greed. (Example 22).
  • Lower loop towards the left with curve: Possessive attitude, subconscious desire for recognition, weaning complex indicates privation during childhood, permanent nostalgia. If the curve is too open: openness and sensuality, avoiding close bonds. (Example 23).

Lower Loop towards the Right

Letter g in Handwriting Graphology
Letter g in Handwriting Graphology

Letter G in handwriting. General interpretation: Sublimation of libido towards intellectual activities. Activities oriented to service, kindness, self-denial.

  • Curled lower loop: Search for selfish pleasure (Example 24).
  • Double curled lower loop: Only interested in self-pleasure, ability for cheating, hoarding tendency. (Example 25).
  • Lower loop in spiral towards the left: Pretended sensuality. (Example 26).
  • Lower loop curled towards the right: Disconnection from instinct. Excused libido. (Example 27).
  • Lower loop moving upwards on the same extension: Sublimation. Dedicated to intellectual life. Covered desire. (Example 28).
  • Lower loop that opens towards the following letter: Tendency towards sublimation, creativity. Transforms sexual drive into creative activities. If too open: Violence, sadistic tendencies. If curved: Surrender towards others, generosity, graciousness. (Example 29).

Pressure in Lower Loops

  • Firm and regular pressure: Enjoys normal libido, controlled drive, persistence and stability of drive, vitality, strength within normal parameters.  
  • Soft pressure: Lack of expansion. Indolence.
  • Shake or lack of pressure: Sign of lack of maturity.
  • Weak pressure and lower loop narrower than usual: Sexual shyness, anomalies from organic origin, obstacles, conflict carrying out pleasure.

Handwriting Analysis Letter g. Inclination of Lower Loops

  • Towards the right: Good adjustment and relationship with others. Need for surrender. Liberation of libido.
  • Towards the left: Inhibition, inferiority complex, introversion, deep conflict that make contact and liberation of drive difficult.
  • Straight: Self-control that might become coldness. Thinking drives emotions and feelings.

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