Graphology Letter P Analysis

Although authors do not include the letter “p” in the so called reflex letters (like m, g, t, d, l) it contributes with significant information.

Graphology Letter P
Graphology Letter P

Letter “p” is related to the importance the individual grants to his material needs, his job and the way to relate to others. From the Psychoanalytical point of view, it is affirmed that letter P symbolizes the father image, it reflects how it is perceived and has assimilated the father image. The initials of the last name in the signature are also associated to the father image.

The characteristics of letter p lowercase would mark the father image. All the graphical aspects are at stake: the shape of letter p reflects the way of acting, the dimension refers to the number of tasks he performs, pressure speaks of the quality of the same, speed refers to intelligence and spontaneity, continuity and inclination speak of the degree of contact the writer has with reality when designing projects or works.

Just like the rest of letters, letter “p” has many parts that we analyze separately for then coming to a conclusion. It is expected to see harmony between the parts of each letter. When for some reason they get unbalanced, this is indicating the presence of some conflict. Letter p is composed by an initial stroke (that may be found or not), a descending stroke (edge or foot) towards the inferior area for then ascending and form the arch that will connect to the following letter.

Graphology: Letter “p”. Initial Stroke

The initial stroke, in general, represents the origin of the impulse that will promote activity and the spot where it is originated is very significant for its interpretation (whether it is the superior area or in the sphere of ideals, in the middle area or affective area or in the inferior area or instinct sphere).

Graphology Letter P
Graphology Letter P
  • 1. No initial stroke: Very good level of intelligence and independence of criteria. (There are exceptions. There are cases of very good intellectual level in which the initial stroke is kept).
  • 2. Initial stroke in Garland: It is associated to the capacity for commercial, material activities that are executed with good communication, optimism and original thinking. May get to quackery, lies, and superficiality. If the garland is too slow and very child-like: docile, applied, credulous and trusted personality.
  • 3. Angled stroke: Technical skills, rigorous at work, respect by ethical principles and tradition, difficulty for relating to others because he is immersed in his activity. If the stroke is in a high angle, over-elevated, it is not a good trait. It means promises with little chances of realization, quackery that may become lies.
  • 4. With an initial harpoon: Hidden aggressiveness.
  • 5. Interrupted initial stroke: Difficulty for adjustment.
  • 6. With an initial arch: Fence, selfish personality. Behind an appearance of honesty there may be a transgressor.

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Handwriting Analysis Letter “p”: Stem

Graphology Letter P
Graphology Letter P
  • 7. Very short stem: Difficulties in the realization of actions.
  • 8. Short stem and soft pressure: Restricted libido, shyness.
  • 9. Medium stem and firm pressure: Vitality, activity.
  • 10. Medium stem and soft pressure: Sedentary life, bureaucratic, without relevant activities.
  • 11. Long and firm stem: Active personality, sportive, action. If it is very long, may show materialism, sensuality, naïve, imaginative.
  • 12. Long stem and soft pressure: Personality that attends the indispensable without setting other goals.
  • 13. Stem towards the right: Subconscious claims, need for help, diminishing of activities, frustration for deficiency in affective security. (Figure 13).
Graphology Letter P
Graphology Letter P
  • 14. Stem towards the right: Mordacity, tendency to sensitivity, contradiction, under an appearance of kindness. Unpleasant and insidious personality.
  • 15. Concave and sinistrogyrous stem: If it does not have an arch, it means personalities that prefer to enjoy before working. Prioritizes pleasure before work. If it has an arch: works hard.
  • 16. Convex dextrogyrous stem: Impulsive, spontaneous, bold, active, protective, may be invasive.

Handwriting Analysis Letter “p”: Shape

  • 17. Two arches: Creativity, ability for realization.
  • 18. Over-elevated (invades the superior line): Overflowing imagination, creative aptitudes. May reflect an idealized father image. If it includes a curl: arrogance, creative imagination.
  • 19. L shaped: If it is a confusing letter, a possible lie. If it is associated to a soft-pressured writing, unequal inclination and big spaces between words: does not materialize projects. With a certain level of intelligence but imaginative, lazy.
  • 20. Typographic: Reflects good education, erudition, simplicity and mental activity.
Graphology Letter P
Graphology Letter P
  • 21. Cane: Superior intelligence that is manifested in autonomy of thinking, activity, seeks to compensate inconveniences of social adaptation or personal matters hiding behind work. Seeks professional success sacrificing his affective life. Loneliness, selfishness, seduction, ability, capitation, informality and freedom in his ways, which make it hard for team-work.
  • 22. Moves upwards on the same edge: This must be confirmed with other symbols. May reflect undone activity. Deceive.

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Graphology: Arch of Letter “p”

There are several personality types: the ones that act and the ones that do not. The arch in letter p reflects whether the individual takes action (at the moment when action is needed) or if he is inhibited. Reflects the degree of precision and effort that he applies at the moment of taking action.

Graphology Letter P
Graphology Letter P
  • 23. Semi-angled arch: Conscious effort to carry out tasks correctly and sort out limitations. Characteristic of the child that starts to write. When it is not connected to the next letter, it means will, but the effectiveness of the work done is in doubt.
  • 24. Vertical narrow arch: Fearful, timid, lacking energy.
  • 25. Angled: Ability for technical jobs, repairing objects, preciseness. If they are two angles: greed, meanness, cleverness.
  • 26. Descending arch that does not adhere: see p in o or in v arch separate from the edge: Low professional performance, good adaptation.


Graphology Letter P
Graphology Letter P
  • Letter p connected to the following letter: Reflects a good intellectual level and autonomy in the activity he carries out.
  • Disconnected letter p: Prudence, self-control, reflection, acceptable professional performance.


  • 27. p with curled edge: Regular pace, tenacity, altruism, abnegation. If the edge is long and firm: characteristics, aptitudes and personal achievements are reinforced for work.
  • 28. p with small inflated and curled edge: If accompanied by the positive symbols, good qualified employee, persistent, good performance. On the contrary, he is a lazy dreamer.
  • 29. p that ascends on the edge with dextrogyrous ending: Dissatisfactory professional relationship, distance between the boss and employee, contradictions at the time of action.
  • Pliers-shaped or v-shaped p: Good level of intelligence, precision, ability for synthesis, initiative. (Figure 26). For its open v shape: Generosity, talkativeness. For its simplification: effectiveness at work, excellent performance, sobriety, modesty. For the speed: it is associated to speed of motor impulse, adventurous, up-to-date person. Bilious: sportive, traveler, conqueror, creative imagination. It is important the openness of the v. Interpretation varies if such openness is too big or small.
  • 30. Gregarious letter “p”: It is observed in people with developed commercial inclinations, of kind attitude, cautious and balanced, slow performance, but acceptable, great contact with reality.
Graphology Letter P
Graphology Letter P
  • No initial stroke: Autonomy and personal resources.
  • 31. Initial stroke in over-elevated curve (as capital letter): Shyness, courtesy, little courage at the time of realization. If the arch is inflated: shows off and there is no activity. Tries to compensate the lack of initiative or slowness, laziness (characteristic of the lymphatic). If the edge is too small and the arch is too big: Tranquil personality, negotiator, looks forward to being recognized in his social environment, realistic, has good feelings and hides behind an artificial and ostentatious attitude. Let us remember that dimension does not allow evaluating the self-perception of the individual and the way his will perceive. (Big size reflects that perceives “amplified”).

Shape of the arch of the gregarious p

  • 33. Projected to the left: Saving, foreseeing, heritage, mandates, costumes do not allow him to act with freedom and be decisive. If it is too prominent, it denotes dilemmas with the past. If it is in angle: Memories that hurt.
  • 32. Projected to the right: Quickness in action, resolves the unpredictable.
  • 34. Social p: Personality that grants great importance to relationships with others. Possesses diplomacy, astuteness, flexibility, culture, gifted for people, tact, judgment, cautiousness, charm, personal seduction, kindness, makes an effort to establish affective and positive bonds. They are usually great collaborators with skills for administration.

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