Graphology is a great tool to understand what you are truly cut out for and where is your true potential. The French School of Graphology describes handwriting and it is very useful to start learning this wonderful technique that is handwriting analysis. However, we should not limit ourselves to just describing. On the contrary, to analyze the personality, it is necessary to incorporate other variables.

Graphology letter by letter: Letter “r”
Graphology: Letter “r”

Understanding what rhythm is, the movement of the letters, the defense mechanisms that the Ego implements, are also things to consider. Defense mechanisms are behaviors that people use to separate themselves from unpleasant events, actions, or thoughts. The idea of defense mechanisms comes from psychoanalytic theory, a psychological perspective of personality that sees personality as the interaction between three components: Id, Ego, and Super-ego.

Meaning of the letter r lowercase

Analyzing the letter r we will be able to determine:

– The subject’s ability to properly channel energy.

Constancy in what has been undertaken.

Initiative and tenacity to carry out what has been planned.

The study of the letter r complements the analysis of the letter “i”. The letter r reflects the “self-love” of the writer and the degree of satisfaction with the result achieved.

Meaning of the Letter “r” in Graphology

The letter “r” is located in the middle zone, which is the zone of affection. It conveys the degree of susceptibility of that person.

Graphology is applied in human resources. Nowadays, it is an accepted and increasingly used technique for assessment of people in organizations. For those professions that require a well-accomplished job with good manual dexterity and professional awareness, graphologists look for a neatly and carefully executed letter “r.”

What does your letter r say about your personality?

The r provides informatin about the ability to achieve the proposed objectives of the subject. If they are satisfied with the task performed, or if they are not satisfied with their performance. The way of executing the “r” reveals technical and manual skills. The letter r also gives an idea of ​​intimate tastes.

Contradictions in Graphology?

So, what do contradictions mean? For example, when a person is very orderly and neat, but executes a careless letter r.🤔 

Or, a more “accelerated” person, in a hurry, accurately and carefully performing the letter r.

The inconsistency between attitude and writing reveals differences in the professional field and the family life. Someone who can keep their workplace extremely neat and tidy, while their closet at home is messy.

In the study of these special letters, we are learning the need to integrate all the concepts learned.

People should not be classified by the way they execute one single stroke.

Analyzing the tension or firmness of the strokes, we will search for it in the “t” bars, in the mount of the “r” (which is not loose), and in the letter “m”. The strokes are expected to maintain a certain stability throughout the writing, without exaggerated variations.

In this article we are going to study the shape, size and pressure of the lowercase letter “r”.

Shape: Letter “r” in Graphology

The shape of the letter r indicates the way in which the subject performs the activities. Let’s study several types of r:

Lowercase letter "r" in Graphology: Shape
Lowercase letter “r” in Graphology: Shape

1. Letter r with two well-marked angles

 The calligraphic letter r has two angles; it is a “square”. The first angle, on the left, corresponds to the perseverance and constancy that is destined to what is done. The second angle, on the right, means initiative, decision and drive.

The double angle expresses excellent channeling of energy, performance and balance between initiative and perseverance. Great flow of energy, dynamism, willpower and self-love. It is associated with the bilious-lymphatic temperament. You can be irritable, stubborn and inflexible in the face of mistakes.

2. Letter r in which the first angle is accentuated

 The left angle of persistence is a guarantee of constancy. For the subject, perseverance is a goal and they consider it important, they are traditionalist and persevere professionally and in their affections. conservative character. This is confirmed if there is regularity of the strokes throughout the writing. When the first angle is higher: It symbolizes a tendency to controversy, aggressiveness and discussions.

3. Letter r in which the second angle is accentuated

This indicates that the person strives to reform their way of thinking, has initiative and decision. Come to realization. In this case the initiative is their goal. Prioritize work. When this second angle is higher, it is interpreted as curiosity, stubbornness, obstinacy.

4. Letter r with two acute angles

When both angles are sharp it symbolizes that the energy is aggressive. It is not channeled well. It is wasted in discharges of irritability and explosions of bad mood. When combined with steely endings and aggressive traits it means that actions are discharged with a temper.

Graphology Letter “r”
Letter r in Graphology

5. When it has a double angle without a final stroke: It means good will, a disciplined, independent personality that is committed to the present. They are not interested in the past. Good level of self-improvement.

Graphology: Meaning of Letter “r” as an angle /triangle

1. As a triangle or similar to an “i” (without a dot)

Irregular channeling of energy, good reflexes, active person, nervous, with mental agility, impatience, liveliness, activity, speed. They get excited and take action, then get discouraged and give up on the task. Then resume. According to Mauricio Xandró, “it is typical of people who work in leaps and bounds, not with continuous energy”. They are inconstant, sociable, but they get distressed.

Meaning of letter "r" in graphology
Meaning of letter “r” in graphology

2. Letter r as a curved mount without a loop

The letter r loses the angles and is “softened”. Adaptability. Although that subject may not be gifted for the task, they adapt and perform it. From the negative point of view: Loses perseverance, perseverance and initiative. It means that little effort is put into it. They look for the “comfortable” side, laziness, apathy and reluctance emerge.

3. Letter r with double loop

The places where the angles would correspond are replaced by loops. It is interpreted as calm people, suitable for human relations and for sales. They are characterized by being noble people, with good feelings, delicate, trusting and gullible, who manage to “accommodate” to avoid too much effort. Prejudiced, of hidden vanity.

When the second loop is raised: Obstinacy, trying to demonstrate something that is not, that the mandates of their own education have a significant impact on their way of acting. The presence of a single loop on the left: Indicates that they hierarchize the intimate, their relatives and themselves. When it is a loop, it is only to the right: The efforts and projects are directed to the social environment, to the future, to others.

4. Letter r as a letter “v”

When the letter r resembles a typographic “v”, it is agile, it simplifies the stroke, it is considered a positive sign. The channeling of energy is dynamic, seeking maximum performance with minimum effort. It is a sign of enthusiasm, mental agility, artistic and aesthetic sense, elegance. They isolate themselves from the rest, even lonely and individualistic.

If the letter “r” seems a gripper or clamp and has a loop at the base: It means self-confidence, agility of ideas, benevolent personality.

Handwriting Analysis: Letter r like a letter "v"
Graphology: Letter r like a letter “v”

In the form of a whip: Without losing good manners, they have dominance over others. Thinking agility.

Letter “r” without final stroke: Person who lies, hides, is proud. hidden vanity. Woman who “flirts” or in the man, attitude of a “Casanova”. Immaturity.

Graphology: Letter “r”
Graphological meaning of Letter “r”

Size of the letter “r” in Graphology

The Dimension or size of the letter r indicates the degree of security and affectivity in carrying out tasks.

• Small: Conveys inhibition, feeling of weakness or handicap.

• Great: Good professional training, self-esteem in carrying out tasks. When it appears in messy graphics, it is interpreted as making an effort to carefully carry out the task.

Compressed: Inhibition. Faint in carrying out tasks. Greed, as long as it is confirmed with other signs.

Elongated: Ease, comfort. Safety in carrying out tasks. You brag, in your professional or work role.

What does pressure in graphlology mean?

Pressure: Letter “r”

The pressure indicates the energy of the scribe to overcome obstacles and execute works.

• Increased pressure: It is considered a demanding person. With concern for performing tasks with detail and precision. When the pressure increases in the final stroke: They have accentuated energy to overcome obstacles and execute works. They can get obsessed.

Weak pressure: It is interpreted as low vitality to carry out their activity.

• Letter “r” crooked: They performs their task with painful effort.

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