Handwriting Analysis: Letter S Lowercase

Amplitude of Consciousness in Handwriting Analysis

In the Graphology category, it is letter by letter, although the letters are studied separately and individually, we must convey that each letter, isolated, does not represent the personality of the writer.

The form and the connections between the letters reveal the personality, confirming what has been analyzed as a whole throughout the text.

This is remembered at all times, so as not to reach the wrong conclusions. Everything must be interpreted according to the graphic environment that is presented. To understand what the chart environment is and when it is considered positive or negative.

Handwriting Analysis Letter S
Handwriting Analysis: Letter S

If we look in particular at the strokes of the lowercase letter S we will see that, depending on the orientation in space and the graphic vectors, this will speak of the writer in many ways.

Letter “s” ascends moving forward, descends and moves backwards

Classical and traditional graphology associates the letter s with “moral conscience”. It confirms the degree of “open or closed mind” of a person. Also, the relationship with money, honesty, generosity and selfishness. It reflects saving capacity, laziness, the lack of will or tenacity to close an issue.

Graphology: Letter "s" ascends moving forward, descends and moves backwards.
Handwriting Analysis: Letter “s”

Are you “open or closed minded”?

Closed-mindedness or lack of ideas reduces the chances of accepting different points of view. Can you put yourself in the place of the other person? The other hand, the amplitude of consciousness allows the subject to accept new paradigms and opportunities to consider life from another point of view. This produces the consequent enrichment through personal experiences or those of others, allowing the development of internal values.

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Different versiones of Letter “s” in Graphology

Handwriting Analysis Letter s
Handwriting Analysis Letter S: Graphology
  • 1. Calligraphic letter s: Personality with a sense of economy. Practical sense, serious, realistic, cautious and meticulous. “Conscious” person.
  • 2. Letter s starting in curves and a big loop: Generosity, sympathy and giving.
  • 3. Handwriting Analysis Letter s with a small loop: Honesty, familiarity, sensitive to ethical principles. If ending in a curve, it means the individual has capacity for adjustment to reality.
Handwriting Analysis Letter S
Handwriting Analysis Letter S
  • 4. Closed with a loop: In this case, generosity is limited. Need to control expenses. Adjusts to reality through practical sense.
  • 5. Letter “s” with straight initial stroke: Combative person, little social adjustment. Inopportune.
  • 6. Handwriting Analysis Letter “s” arched: Similar to number 2. Cunning, agile, haughtiness and pride covered behind an innocent attitude. If the letter starts in a lower zone, we add theatrical skills and an attitude of a fake actor to our interpretation.
Handwriting Analysis: Letter s. Graphology and Personality
Handwriting Analysis: Letter s. Graphology and Personality
  • 7. Letter “s” without final stroke: This means an open letter S. An individual that spends without worrying. Bold and resolved, great generosity, amplitude from points of view. If the graphical environment is negative: rushed person. Might not be self-worthy or might not grant self-importance. Unable to collect the fees that correspond.
  • 8. Letter “s” final stroke with leftward connection: Ability to “use” others. Few scruples. Gets what he wants without consideration.
  • 9. Final stroke is a spiral: Selfishness, greed, cleverness, unproportioned ambition. If writing is accelerated, shows aggressive character. Belligerent. Rebel if it is the final stroke with a small loop: Selfish consciousness that hides intentions. This interpretation is emphasized when writing is angled. When the final stroke invades the inferior zone, we are before a very materialistic personality.
  • 10. Letter “s” with regressive final stroke: Individual who suffers unpredictable fits of rage, contradictory. Gets angry.
  • 11. Progressive final stroke: Fighting spirit, combative consciousness, generous. Amplitude for criteria.

Graphology: Letter “s” Shape

How to interpret the shape of the letter “s” in graphology. According to its sahape the letter “s” can be: Open, closed, curved or angular.

Handwriting Analysis Letter s reveals your Personality
Handwriting Analysis Letter s reveals your Personality

Handwriting Analysis: Letter s

  • Open: When the open s is accompanied by a simple way of writing, without unnecessary embellishments, it is interpreted that the individual has an open moral conscience. Sympathy, generosity. If it is excessively open, it can be excessively wasteful. (Figure 12).
  • Closed: When the letter S is closed at the bottom, it indicates a cautious, reserved moral conscience. Lack of ideas, farsighted individual, withholds money. (Figure 13).
Handwriting Analysis letter s
Handwriting Analysis Lettes s: Graphology reflected letters
  • Curved: Subject that manages to adapt to the environment with sympathy, generosity. We must always take into account the graphic environment. If it is negative, it may indicate symptoms of fatigue (Figure 14)
  • Angled: Self-love, narrow conscience, possessive tendencies, hoards money, saves for self, greedy. If the graphic environment is negative, it indicates uncertain honesty. (Figure 15).
  • Triangle-shaped: When the angles form a triangle, we are facing a rigid and uncompromising conscience. If in addition the angles are narrow, it reflects selfishness, narrow-mindedness, inability to sacrifice for others. Rigorous when judging others and himself. The need for money becomes excessive honesty. (Figure 16).
  • Arched: Tiredness that can range from low vital energy to symptoms of stress. This type of s can be found among intellectual or dishonest individuals when within a negative graphic environment. (Figure 17).
  • Letter S printed: Good intellectual level, intelligence, aesthetic sense, originality, culture and independence (Figure 18).
  • Letter S malformed: Indifference and laziness.

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