Handwriting Analysis: Letter T

How do you cross your “T”s?

Hello my friends! Today I am going to talk about the Letter “t” in graphology.

It refers to the will, leadership qualities and intelligence of the person.
Letter “t” is one of the most important letters of the superior area of
handwriting. A lot has been said about letter t as an indicator of will in individuals. It also
provides information on the ability to carry out the goals that have been set, firmness in
postures and persistence for the achievement of ideals. But, attention. It is not the only
letter that reveals impulse of will. The latter may be observed in other signs and movements: In letter “r”, in the accent mark of letter “ñ”, in the superior angle of letter “s” and in the final angle of letter “v” lowercase.
In letter “t”, the four movements of graphical space are executed: Up-down, left-right.

Handwriting Analysis Letter T Lowercase

Handwriting Analysis Letter "t"
Handwriting Analysis: Letter t

Letter T is conformed by a cross that is composed of: A stroke moving from the top downwards vertically that we call upper extensión or stem and the t-bar, which is the horizontal stroke from left to right.
In graphology, letter T is studied in both strokes. The stem or upper extensión and the bar.
The stem, from the psychological point of view, symbolizes the energy with
which the individual affirms his personality
, firmness in conviction, personal assurance and flow of energy in projects.
The t-bar represents the will with which the individual moves forward upon the
obstacles that are in front of him and the energy used to impose his personality.
Drawing the bar takes effort and attention. It is a conscious process that contributes to
the legibility of the letter.

 Shape of the Stem

Handwriting Analysis Letter T
Handwriting Analysis Letter T
  • Handwriting Analysis Letter T: If the stem is straight and firm it is associated to firmness in thoughts
    and ideals, moral straightness and affirmation of personality. Equilibrium between project and fulfillment. (1)
  • If the stem is straight with a curved base, it is interpreted as firmness without abruptness. Flow of energy in fulfillment of projects that, upon contact with reality, it is attenuated or softened. (2)
  • When the stem of letter T is curved, we discover an individual who is easy to influence, kind, tolerant, with a certain degree of weakness. If the curve is too big, it may be a sign of apathy. (3)
  • If the stem passes the base of the line and its base is angled, it reveals
    conclusive and categorical reactions. Temperamental discharges, lack of self-control
    and loses control. The angle indicates from criteria independence, firmness up to
    intransigence, stubbornness and obstinacy. If the angle formed at the base is acute:
    energy and determination that may become abruptness. On the contrary, if the angle is
    obtuse descendant: demanding and tough libido. (4)
  • If it does not reach the base of the line, it symbolizes shyness and inhibition. (5)
  • When the initial trait is long it is interpreted as a need to base himself in past
    experiences. (6)

Handwriting Analysis Letter T: Inclination of the T-Stem

Handwriting Analysis Letter T
Handwriting Analysis Letter T
  • Vertical stem: Predominance of the rational over the emotional. Reflection. (7)
    Rightward stem: Predominance of the affectionate area over the rational. Good canalization of desire and fulfillment. (8).
  • Exaggerated rightward stem: Passion, lack of objectivity in projects. (9)
  • Leftward stem: Inhibition, shyness, distrust, which affects fulfillment of desire. (10)

Graphology Letter “t”: Pressure of the T-Stem

  • Thick pressure: Energy for projects.
  • Thick pressure moving downwards towards the line: Accented sensuality and materialism.
  • Thin pressure : Weakness in spirit and little virility for projects.

Height of the T-Stem

Handwriting Graphology: Letter T
Handwriting Graphology: Letter T
  • Upper extension of equal height than other upper extensions: Tendency to grant
    seriousness to what he puts forward, equilibrating what is put forward and what is
  • Unequal upper extensions: Variability in plans. Imbalance between what is put
    forward and what is achieved.
  • Upper extension taller than upper extensions in other letters: This parameter is of
    great utility in selection of personnel. It indicates compromise in realization at a
    professional level.
  • Upper extension shorter than upper extensions in other letters: In harmonic writings, this may indicate suffering. Does everything with excessive seriousness and compromise. May turn to masochism (if accompanied by firm and angled pressure).
  • Very tall upper extensions: Qualities of leadership. Tendency to impose his will upon others. Excessive imagination that borders utopia. Rebellion towards rules,
    aggressiveness, resentment.
  • Very short upper extensions: It means excessive self-control. Little will for fulfillment, little ambition. Lymphatic temper.

Characteristics of the T- Bar

In the bar of letter t, the following aspects are studied: Height, how much the bar advances (degree of advance), dimension of the bar, direction, regularity, shape and

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T-Bar Height

It indicates the level of submission of the individual (if short) or imposition (if tall).

Handwriting Analysis Letter T
Handwriting Analysis Letter T
  • Over the vertical stroke. Does not touch the upper extension: Tendency to
    rebellion against standards, to impose his will upon others, exaggeration,
    eagerness of power, desire to lead, insecurity, thoughts that flow. (11)
  • Placed high: Qualities of leadership and imposition, authoritarianism,
    despotism, delirium and greatness. (12)
  • Placed at a middle point: May submit or impose himself towards others,
    depending on what is convenient for his job or in his daily life. Balanced will
    and energy. (13)
  • Low T- bar: Submission, obedience, humility, modesty, spirit of sacrifice.
    Suitable for directed occupations. Subordinate, easy to influence, fear,
    loneliness, depression. (14)

Graphology Letter T. Progress of the T-Bar

This is also related to the point of the letter “i”. It means introversion when both the “i” dot and the t-bar are placed to the left and introversion when they are placed to the right.

Graphology Letter T: Handwriting Analysis letter t
Graphology Letter T: Handwriting Analysis letter t
  • On the left, outside the downstroke: It symbolizes introversion, fear. When t is not crossed at all: carelessness, forgetfulness, physical weakness, bad health, hastiness, and impatience. Person who does not have the time to worry about details. Generally, when the t bar is missing, we check for other corroborating signs, such as inclined writing and diminishing size of the middle zone letters toward the end, if those signs are present, we say the uncrossed t bar stands for speed. (15)
  • On the left, without separating from the downstroke: Excessive cautiousness and reflection. Doubts and hesitation. (16)
  • Centered: Reflection, self-control, objectivity. (17)
  • On the right: Decision, action. (18)
  • Overly towards the right: Impulsiveness, thoughtlessness, impatience. (19)

Graphology Analysis Letter T. Dimension of the T-Bar

Handwriting Analysis Letter T
Handwriting Analysis Letter T

The size of the t-bar provides an idea of the containment and repression of the individual.

  • Short T-bar: Symbolizes repression, self-control, persistence, uses strength in a
    rational way. Thinks and reflects before acting. Ability for concentration, regulates impulses, uses his abilities in a rational and patient way.
  • Long T-bar: It means impatience, initiative, tendency to cover more than what is possible. Will driven by impulses. Lets anger dominate him. Does not mean he has a greater will, but that he wishes to have it and lacks reflection. Curiosity, enthusiasm, vivacity, initiative, impatience to finish what has been started.
    Eagerness of leadership and command. Capricious personality. If end is sharp: tough personality, difficult, irate, furious, sarcastic, caustic, categorical. May be a sign of evil.
  • Bar that connects two ”T”s in the same word: Quickness and ingenuity. Ability for summarization, simplification, impatience and impulsiveness.

Direction of the T-Bar

The direction of the bar represents how secure the individual is when facing others.

Handwriting Analysis letter T: Example
Handwriting Analysis letter T: Example
  • Bar facing upwards or ascending: Personality that opposes the environment that
    surrounds him. Tendency to discussion. Wants to be right. Combative will, ambition,
    contradiction, rebellion, aggressive tendency. Antagonist by nature. (20)
  • Bar facing downwards or descending: Stubbornness. Holds on to his ideas and
    beliefs, declining will, pessimism, laziness, discouragement, inferiority feelings. (21)
  • Horizontal T-bar: Knows how to recognize his errors, equanimity, firm will, tenacity,
    persistence, common sense, security. (22)

Regularity of the T-Bar

  • No T-Bar: Laziness, failures will, little momentum after their achievements, lack of vigor, lack of energy, unable in decision-making. If the writing is good level: ease of synthesis, originality, independence of thought, quickly in the embodiments. (23)
  • With equal and regular bars: Constant and persistent personality. (24)
  • With uneven bars: Represents volitional immaturity variable character. (25)

Shape of the T-Bar

Handwriting Analysis Letter T
Handwriting Analysis Letter T
  • Circle shape: Whim, does the easy, avoids effort. (26)
  • Connected to the following letter: Persistence, dynamism, deduction. (27)
  • Double bar: Duplicates efforts, brings strength out of weakness, secure will, great determination, aggravated tenacity. Does not mean that the individual has more will, but that it is a sign that he is compensating guiltiness feelings or insufficient will or weakness. (28)

Pressure of the T-Bar

Represents will power of the individual.

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