About Us

Hello! I’m Mariana. I decided to start this blog to write about my interest and passion for graphology.

My goal is to investigate this discipline and make it known through this blog, applying it to various aspects of life. I hope you find it useful and interesting.

Mariana from Handwriting-Graphology
Mariana from Handwriting-Graphology

The word graphology comes from the Greek terms γραφή (writing) and λόγος (science, study) and consists of the study of the psychology of people and their personality, according to their way of writing.

As a graphologist, I am a writing professional who sheds light on the personality, its motivations and its various aptitudes.


To train beginner and advanced graphologists, capable of judgment in this discipline and competent so that they can contribute new tools and new ideas, defending them with solid and scientific arguments.


To be a reference in the teaching of graphology at a local and global level, contributing to the different areas with which this discipline works with top-level collaborators. To expose the scientific nature of graphology to society.


  • Provide the best student experience in the years of study.
  • Get the student to adopt a critical and curious stance in the face of new topics and tools.
  • Ensure continuous improvement.

You can contact me using this page: Contact us or find me on Facebook and Twitter.