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This website offers free online graphology courses. You will find the complete contents of each topic, so you can learn at home or wherever you want in your free time.

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What is the goal of free online graphology courses?

Learn Handwriting Analysis Free online: Graphology courses
Graphology Courses Online

The Online Course of introduction to graphology aims to introduce this wonderful technique that is graphology to each participant, understanding the fundamental concepts in a simple way, developing an inward look that leads to self-knowledge and discovery of your partner, friends, co-workers.

Through graphological analysis it is possible to analyze the writing patterns that identify the psychological state of the people, showing innumerable traits of the personality. In this course you only need the desire to learn, as it frees you from the demands of the certified courses.

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What You Will Learn In Handwriting Analysis Course

This technique reveals personal traits, aptitudes and abilities, past experiences that have left traces in the personality, problems of physical and psychological health.

It is possible to find out the level of self-esteem, initiative and will, mood, how we relate to others, our potential, how we conduct ourselves socially and many more personal aspects. Current studies say that through graphology it is possible to detect even lies.

What is Graphology?

Graphology is a technique whose purpose is to study the personality through the interpretation of handwriting.

The way of writing is unique to each of us. The brain sends the orders to the muscles of the hand so that they execute each one of the movements in the paper, revealing personality traits.It is based on projective techniques and psychoanalysis. To understand graphology you must know the basis of the symbolism of space.

What are the Characteristics of Handwriting?

Symbolism of Space in Handwriting

The Swiss graphologist and researcher Max Pulver founded the symbolic school whose theories, still valid today, are of vital importance in the interpretation of all projective tests. Through the act of writing, there are emotions that come from the unconscious, reflecting the relation of the human being to the world. The blank sheet represents the living space and the graphic gesture symbolizes the subject himself moving between the sky and the abyss, between the past and the future.

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Printable Symbolism of Space (Max Pulver)

  • The upper zone of any graphic, whether it be a drawing, scribble or writing, is associated with intellect, spirituality, the world of ideas, tendencies towards positions of dominance.
  • In the lower zone all the instinctive, material, practical, physical, and tendencies toward the positions of subordination to authority are manifested.

Taking into account that we usually write from the left moving to the right, we symbolically interpret that we walk from the “I” towards others and from the past to the future.

  • The left area is associated with the past, the origins, the maternal breast, introversion and shyness.
  • The right zone at the symbolic level is linked with other people, society, the father, the future or experiences that will come, projects and extraversion.
  • The center represents the self of who writes, the present, self-control.

The written text symbolizes all of this, the image that the writer wants to reflect before society or the “social self”. And the signature expresses the “intimate self”.

Does Handwriting reflect Personality?

Level I: First Steps

Learn Graphology Free Online

Learn Graphology
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 Level II: Analyze Individual Letters

Level III: Signature Analysis Tips

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